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Custom Items

little deams can come true..

Custom Forts/Playhouses and Playgrounds

Fantastic new concept “Playground Makeovers” This can be as simple as a custom Playhouse, Fort, Castle or Treehouse to an extravagant custom designed Playground with everything from Rockclimbing Walls, Swinging Bridges, Cargo Nets, Tyre Swings, Skylights, Lofts, Letterboxes, Doorbells, Slides, Firemens Poles, Zip Lines, Pully systems for baskets up to your treehouse. Nothing too difficult, you don’t even need a large tree for a treehouse!

We will draw it up first and give you an idea of how it will look – no unhappy customers.

Spoilt Rotten has access to quality builders that can quote on all other building work, whether it be retaining walls, fences, decks etc. to compliment your playground

Custom Business Models

Ever thought of a replica building for children to play in? Customise a Playhouse or whole Playground that will delight not only the children, but their parents as well.

At Spoilt Rotten we are happy to add your Companys logo and colours to our products.

The possibilities are endless.

  • Hospitals
  • Movie Sets
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Childcare Centres
  • Schools
  • Garden Centres

Facades (Themed Panels)

Our latest line of products have already proven popular. Whether it is for a business or home our facades stand out and look amazing anywhere. Why not give us a call to see what we can design for you.